Monday, 4 June 2012

Site for the bench

My Mum and I have selected a site for the bench.

So I got the mower out and prepared a patch under an oak tree, next to a holly tree and a blackthorn bush. It faces west and is just off the footpath, looking towards Ashover Rock and Alton. After this ridge you start to pass onto the moors and onto the gritstone edges of the Peak District.


  1. Having strolled that leafy lane many times over the years it is now a point to rest and absorb the tranquility and beauty of the Derbyshire countryside. Without the bech we would have marched on as usual.

    Many thanks Nick

    Dave & Yvonne (Coupe Lane, Old Tupton).

  2. Most excellent.

    I was hoping the bench (and inscription) would encourage more to take time to savour and enjoy the experience.