Saturday, 16 August 2014

The first cleaning

Yesterday I visited Chesterfield so I could go on the Crooked Spire tower tour. I decided to catch the 51 bus, which meant I had to walk past my bench to get to Ashover Road.

As I passed by the bench I noticed it was looking a bit grubby, bits of moss or algae growing on the seat and back slats, and drops of bird poo on the bench's arms. There were some peculiar rusty red patches on the vertical slats, possibly lichen. I had intended to to stop and sit on the bench and have a contemplative moment; I didn't fancy sitting down.

It was a lovely sunny day. Earlier I had heard the cry of a buzzard and as I looked towards Alton I could several buzzards circling over a wood. I eventually managed to count five individuals. I guess this was a family of buzzards which had been breeding in the woods nearby. They were very vocal, constantly screeching to each other even though they never lost sight of the others. Then two Goldfinches flew over in their bouncy flight with that jangling flight-song they have.

All was well with the world. A lovely spot to stop, even if I didn't get to sit down on the bench.

Today, I got a bucket, filled it with warm water and with a simple plastic scrubbing brush scrubbed off the green algae or moss, bringing back a nice warm brown colour to the bench. This is the first time I have cleaned it in the two years since I unveiled it.

I hope passerbys are more tempted to sit on my bench now I have cleaned it.