Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A evening's sitting

I had a few minutes sitting on the bench this evening.

It was cool, but in the early evening Spring sunshine I managed about 20 minutes of sitting time.

I was listening to all the bird life. The first Chiff Chaffs stuttering from the tops of Oak trees and setting up their territories. Squabbling Jackdaws, twittering Goldfinches, Song Thrushes in full song and one bold Robin who flew down to grass in front of the bench.

A couple of dog walkers walked past and said hello.

I got up after they had left and after the local farmer Roger had put on his noisy machine I think he uses when he is milking his herd - his farm is over 500 yards away, but the racket disturbed my contemplative mood. So I got up and took a photo of the bench with my hat on it, and my shadow.

I like having my own bench.

I hope others like sitting on it too.