Thursday, 25 April 2019

Fruit Crumble and Tea

This Easter my girls came to visit their Nanny, Aunt and Cousin at the farm.

We thought with the excellent wrong weather we could have tea and cake at the bench.

We were going to have a cake but then Jubs found some frozen fruit in the freezer - some gooseberries, apple and rhubarb from last summer - so she made a crumble.

And we had a late lunchtime dessert at the bench.

I had scrubbed the bench earlier with water and a brush just to get rid of the bird droppings. I noticed that some of the timbers were developing cracks. After our little meal I went back with a bottle of Linseed Oil and nourished the timbers with the worst splits.

Later this summer I hope to go back and give it a complete re-oiling. It is now 7 years old and needs some TLC.

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  1. 06:43
    I have only just noticed the plaque at the base of the bench. Just wanted to let you know what a special spot this bench is to me, I can't pass it without stopping for a few minutes, and remembering how much my mum enjoyed the view. Thank you