Thursday, 28 July 2016

The little pleasures

The view towards Ashover Rock, just visible to the left on the horizon.
I've been up at the farm for a nearly a month now.

I am still slightly surprised but very happy to see occasionally people sitting on the bench.

The bench my friends bought for my fiftieth birthday still brings me little presents.

Full evening sunshine after a heavy fresh shower.

The view walking towards the bench from the farm.


  1. Hi Nick, I regularly sit on your bench when I am out walking the dog, never walk past it without having at least 5 minutes to take in the view and have a bit of a ponder. Thanks to you and your family for providing it. (Are you related to my old primary school teacher Mr Luft?)

    1. Great to hear you like the bench. It's in a great spot for a bit of pondering.

      Yes, I am John Luft's son. I used to go to Holmegate Primary School for my junior years about 1969 - 1973.

      John and his wife moved to the farm nearby in 1984, after he had taken early retirement.

  2. Hi Nick and thank you for the bench with a view! Had to ignore the new fence separating the public footpath from the track in order to access the bench though! Presume the farm has new owners but the inclusion of a small gate or stile opposite the bench would prevent 'trespasses' like me from walking along the whole length of track in order to use the bench in the fashion which I'm sure that you intended? Oh well, that's what the world is coming to, with Trump and May in charge!!
    Thanks again for the luvly seat, in a luvly setting. Cheers, Jeff :-)

    1. Hi Jeff, thanks for your message. Strangely enough it was my birthday yesterday and I received two messages on this blog thanking me for my blog.

      The bench was my 50th birthday present to walkers, sitters, bimblers and cogitators.

      I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. A absolute perfect spot for a chill with a view and think about how your life is going and what your next move is. I have always walked to the bench for a sit when things wasn't going the way I had hoped and go back more settled with a aim on my next thing to do. Always have to have a sit when ever I'm passing, just to take in that lovely view.
    Thank you Nick.
    Ian James

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for your message. It was my birthday on the 18th. And receiving your message and knowing the bench is being used are great presents to receive. The bench was my 50th birthday present for those using the path.

      I sit on the bench and think about life.

      This year though I will have to spend a couple of hours giving it its five year clean up.